Mini Games

A Work In Progress

Jason:          Made By Naga

  • Played on any map, set to manhunt on highest time and score.
  • Player with the flag can use any SECONDARY weapon, along with grenades to defend himself.
  • Primary weapons and sprinting is not allowed.
  • All other players must work together, but can only use sprint and knife to capture the flag.

Zombies:       Made By Naga

  • Played on BackStab in the big room, on battle mode.
  • One predetermined player is a zombie.
  • This player must carry a primary (preferably a sniper) but can only use a knife.
  • All other players must try to fend off the zombie by using only a SECONDARY weapon.
  • If killed by the zombie, this player becomes a second zombie.
  • Sprinting, grenades and team killing (zombies/survivors) is strictly forbidden.

7 comments on “Mini Games

  1. Name – sniping epidemic
    Game mode – battle
    Map – any map
    Rules -all players must use the first sniper
    -no attachments allowed
    -no aiming
    -no grenades
    First person to 25 kills wins

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