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Killstreak rewards are a new feature added in Modern Combat 3. They consist of 6 unique items used in the form of military support. Killstreaks are obtained by getting the required number of kills in one life. They add an edge to the game and most can directly earn even more kills. These rewards can be used at any time the player wishes to during the game it was achieved in.

Satellite Scan

The first killstreak that is obtained is the satellite scan. It is awarded to the player after he/she achieved 3 kills without dying. The satellite scan reveals enemy positions (excluding those with the Camoflauge perk) on the radar in the form of small red dots and lasts roughly 10 seconds. This perk is very useful and is easy to obtain, making in one of the best perks in the game.

Air Strike

The air strike is a killstreak in the form of air support that drops a small bomb nearby a random hostile. It is awarded to the player after he/she recieves 5 kills without dying. The Air Strike is capable of killing multiple players, but only if the user of the killstreak is lucky. This killstreak lacks the ability to kill the player if he simply takes cover in a building, and it only drops one bomb. The Bomber would be a much better version of this killstreak.

Sentry Turret

The Sentry Turret is the third obtainable killstreak in Modern Combat 3. It is awarded to the player after he/she recieves 7 kills without dying. This killstreak takes form of a deployable turret which shoots enemy players on sight. The turret rotates back in forth approximately 90 degrees and opens fire when a hostile player runs in front of it. This killstreak can be a great way to guard a flag in Capture the Flag, or a control position in Zone Control.


The helicopter is an air support killstreak in Modern Combat 3. it is awarded to the player after he/she recieves 10 kills without dying. The helicopter hovers around the perimeters of the map and guns down anyone not covered by a roof. This killstreak can be a great way to rack up kills, but is a little harder to obtain then the other killstreak rewards. Certain secondary weapons have the ability to shoot down helicopters.


The Bomber is awarded to the player after 13 kills without dying. The bomber takes form of a B-52 Bomber which flys overtop of the map and unleashes a cluster of bombs onto the map. This killstreak is almost guarenteed to kill the entire team when used at the right time. The bomber also has the ability to kill players who took cover in buildings.

The Nuke

The nuclear missile is the final obtainable killstreak in Modern Combat 3. It is awarded to the player after 20 kills without deathThe nuclear missile creates a blinding explosion and kills everyone on the map, inclusing the missile user and his teammates. The nuke also ends the game, and the user’s team automatically wins. This is the hardest obtainable killstreak, but it is also the deadliest.


14 comments on “Killstreak Rewards

  1. 3 kills = Satellite Scan
    5 kills = Air Strike
    7 kills = Turret
    9 kills = Helicopter support
    12 kills = Bomber
    20 kills = NUKE! 😀

  2. lol i can shoot down a enemy helicopter/helo/chopper with my rampage 4 when you shoot one down or get a lock on it (scope in and aim at it for 4-5 secs and the small square turns from white to red) it will give u like cross hairs/big “T” for guns but it is a square and it is really helpfull as it will give you the exact place where it will hit but sadly it will only last for that game 😦


  3. ( during the game it was achieved in) last time a got a 12 kill streak in a game wich my team one , but i dint use the bomber because the match was already ended. So i moved to the other one and the bomber was there. What gets me mad is that 2 days ago in another match i got a turret and i dint used it but when i moved on to onther match i didnt have it and i was like WTF 😦

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