Game Modes

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GAME MODES: There are 7 game modes


Battle: Free for All deathmatch for the most kills

Team Battle: Team deathmatch for the team with the most kills

Capture the Flag: Team with most Flag captures wins

Manhunt: Free for all carry the flag for the longest amount of time to win.

(flag carrier is visible on radar even if not shooting. Unknown if radar jammer or camoflage prevent this)

Zone Control: Team that controls the most zones for the longest period of time wins.

(Zone capture times double with two players captureing, triple with three, etc)

Destruction: One team wins by destroying all 4 target, The other wins by preventing this till time limit is reached

(Only one target is available at a time: the first must be destroyed to move to the second, etc)

Bomb Squad: One team wins by planting a bomb and protecting it until it detonates, the other wins by preventing the planting or by defusing the bomb.


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