MC3 Handbook


3 comments on “MC3 Handbook

  1. I think they should add 3 things would make it perfect no 4 one better milli support like drones,bomber targeting, and so on. Two they should add double tap run witch would make u jump 3 laying down to the crouch button I know a little bout game design and I know that there is only so much u can cram into a game before you have to take other things from it 4 a Lil better radar maps not much just a little like wen a enemy fires and shows up on a map close to you what kind of cover does he have a crate is he behind a truck I don’t kn just a lil more detail on the map Plz I am in no way complaining this game is pure perfection 1 it can be better 2 I have talked to hundred of ppl that play mw3 and they tell me if that mc3 could get all the things or as close as possible then they would def go Mobil with mc3
    Much love aka silenceoUDead legacy of leaders for life

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