Welcome to XS Clan.

XS is a MC2/MC3 clan for iDevices, we are a clan making it’s way to the top. XS is led by: XS_Wonka. It is also led by: XS_BillaBong, XS_Kruzer and XS_Legit and many more plausible members.

Xtreme Sexy Clan, we are an intense gaming clan for modern combat 2&3. We have approximately 11 and rising faithful members, many of which share similar hard working commitments in palringo and mc2 and 3 when it is released. The variables that diversifies us from other clans is our constant care for each other, perpetually active members, and our invitation is based on supreme skills and great potential.



12 comments on “XS

  1. Hello Guys. I would Love to join your Clan. I am really good in Quic Scope
    Please contact me at Skype : lorenz8455 Facebook : Lorenzo Gabrielo Weisse

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