Welcome to USMC’s Home site we hope you like everything! Please join us on palringo [~USMC~CLAN~]  has over +300 members. If there is anything you viewers would like for us to add please comment. Thank You!

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This is USMC’s Official Video


16 comments on “USMC

  1. I want to Join the clan.

    I am in MC3 Rank 80 and habe a K/D of 1,86.
    I Play very often and get better and better.

    My Name is LucasH97, but i want the Name: USMC_Scorpion

  2. sorry i wasn’t really satisfied with the last test results i took with USMC so i want to retake if that’s okay with you guys. I added the usmc group on my palringo. my favorite weapons are the ACM, DP55, intercept 200. on mc2 i used baretta silenced, m249, and i’m fond of all the other weapons(except for ak-47 which has a huge recoil) and was rank 55 or 60. so yeah, sign me up for a future usmc recruit!

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