The Freedom Fighters Clan (TFF) was made by
TFF_Antionist on the 20th of October, 2010.

The Clan’s Motto is : “Alone, we’re strong… Together, we’re INVINCIBLE!


TFF have four Primary Leaders:

TFF_ANTIONIST (Founder/Leader)

 TFF_KILLA (Co-Leader)

TFF is a clan with hardworking, loyal, kind, and active members. We do not have strict conditions, just be kind and good at MC2:BP; though the clan has gone through hard times, it is now one of the best clans in MC2:BP.

TFF are currently on the iTouch game – MC2:BP.

Also, we have recorded many videos online, check our
YouTube page below and follow us on Twitter too!

*TFF Members are recruited through invites only*

Youtube Channel
Twitter Page


5 comments on “TFF

  1. Hello i am Rob
    i would like to join jour clan
    i am not bad ad maybe you kan test my out,
    my Skype name is: gmaster1991

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