Soldiers of Christ

Leader: SOC_Revelations
Co-Leader SOC_Zowayixx




16 comments on “SOC

  1. Guys don’t joins SOC. Every member has a kd of below 1.4. I checked, and half of their members aren’t active. No on plays mc, and their palringo chat is always dead. I have played 7 of their members, and they all got pwned 😀 What I am saying is true (theri leader is my brother) If you guys want to join a clan, join USMC.
    Palringo Group Name: ~usmc~clan~

  2. LOLWUT? I have a KDR of 2.87 in MC3 and in MC2 I have a KDR of 1.51. MC2 was my first game and I had a really hard time getting my KDR up. My rank in MC2 is 73 and in MC3 it’s 53 and I’m probably moving up during weekends. You can check f you want. Pfft. Of course you checked…

  3. SOC is a great clan with great people I was emailing SOC_Revelations and he is a great guy! My KDR is 2.07 in MC3 and I play objective, so you cant say anything lil kid!

  4. Does any clan want to have a 6 player clan battle at Alert with our team, OP4_Clan? We are just a beginning clan with only 3 members so far. If you do, friend me on modern combat three, my gamer tag is OP4_Kub. Message me through their network and we’ll get a battle started.

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