33 comments on “Clans

  1. hey you guys should have giant poll that would lasta week or so and to rank each clan from best to lowest!?!? so we know which clan is the best and second and so on…

    • Hello I was wondering if Anyone wants to join our clan ETP (Elite Team Players) ALL are welcome. Need members just join group etp_clan on palringo for rules and info and ask for ETP_Andrade or ETP_Ashlaayy to join!!

  2. Add TEAM xFP5 🙂

    We aren’t PGM’s but we play with honnour and FairPlay . But some bloke of us are still very good. We’re active on mc2/mc3
    I’m the leader of the clan => xFP5_n0b0dy04x
    MC2 : 70. 1,75 (only only only m40a3)
    MC3 : 60. 2,25

  3. I want to be a Good Player. i Play very often and i am an amazing Player and want to Joint a Good Clan.

    Ich bin ein sehr guter Spieler und spiele Super oft und bin daher ein excellenter Spieler. Ich suche einen richtig guten Clan wo ich meine Stärken zeigen kann.

  4. I am in MC3 Rank 69 and have a kill/Death of 1,70.

    Ich bin in MC3 Rang 69 und habe ein Kill/Tod Verhältnis von 1,7

  5. Please add the clan maxinr13. You can join the clan if you had an kd over 2,00. Just do maxinr13 in front of your name . Sorry for bad English I’m from Germany

  6. I play modern combat 3 i was lvl 87, but then my acc was going to lvl 1 again?
    now im lvl 55. I think im good enough for a very good clan, wish can I join?

  7. I’ve been waiting for a clan to get going on this game!! I’m lvl 77 on mc3 🙂 I’m rather good and I would love to join a clan! how can I! I’d be a great add for any clan!!!! Ruskivodka is my screen name! Roman langov is my name! Add me of Facebook.

  8. Does any clan want to have a 6 player clan battle at Alert with our team, OP4_Clan? We are just a beginning clan with only 3 members so far. If you do, friend me on modern combat three, my gamer tag is OP4_Kub. Message me through their network and we’ll get a battle started. Also, if you are interested in joining message me through Or just make a new account with the tag OP4_ with your desired name. So far our requirement is at least K/D ratio of at least 0.5. Also, if interested friend me at OP4_Kub, and you also have to join our group op4 clan on the free app Palringo. If you even want to make it easier, just email me at, and we’ll get started from there. Thank You! its that easy joining the clan!

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