22 comments on “Chat

  1. MC3’s graphics are awesome, gameplay is great, guns are awesome, but multiplayer has grown to suck ass. Sniping totally sucks dick, so does the spawning system. Just earlier, I got killed by a guy, spawned literally right in front of him, and got killed again. Then , I spawned right beside another guy, and got killed by him. Total gay shit. Fuck this game, im not going to be playing it any more. I used to kick ass in MC2 with a 2.5-3 kd, but now, with MC3, I have a 1.5kd

  2. GUYS I HAVE A PROBLEM. My screen twitches and i cant aim or anything like my gun and perspective moves crazy without even touching it. HELP I SPENT 7$ ON THIS GAME

    • if it still doesn’t work, contact gameloft, or delete it then reinstall it for free. But, your data might be lost. Hope this helped 🙂

  3. Is there a clan looking for a lvl36
    Sniper/special weapons expert.

    I am pretty good haven’t been Playing alot but once you play me I think you might want me in your clan. Please email me at

  4. hey guys I have some sniping motages too! Im sorry for the bad quality! Here Im just sniping now im very much practicing and im lots and lots better now! just look at: Modern combat 3 – sniping montage by RJKnightz.
    Please give some editting and sniping tips!

  5. I love MC3 both multiplayer and campaign. There are a few problems but hey nothing will make me not stop playing. I play with Android Kindle Fire.

  6. Lovin this game rate 5 stars cant wait untill gameloft comes out with modern combat 4 but that probably wont happen because they arn’t making a new modern warfare for call of duty every time they come out with a modern warfare they come out with a new modern combat so hopefully when blackops two comes or iron wolf theyl comeout with a new modern combat.

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